This will be me come next thursday

Ah finally, after three long months the semester is nearing its close. I’m tired and homesick but thankfully there are less than two weeks between me and beautiful Seattle. With the end

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of the semester comes the end of my Social Media project(where I make a social media marketing plan for a business and execute it, you may remember my troubled start to this whole thing). Which at first seemed like a very simple task, and it was easy to make a Facebook, a blog and a Twitter, but as I quickly learned, getting those things to work was a bit more challenging.


To be honest I actually learned a bunch through this whole process of trying to market a business. Theres no better way to learn than life experience and this was certainly an instance of me getting thrown into the social media marketing fire. I can use Facebook and I can tweet but now it was time to use them for business.

Coming into the project I had the mindset that I’d go make the three sites and wham, business(one of the biggest Facebook myths). Well it didn’t end up happening quite like that, making the page was part of my work but in the end it was the easiest job I had. Pages are nothing if no one sees them, “follows” or “likes” them. Now was the time to spread the word and get my company some exposure, but before you can do that you’ve got to think.

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  1. The first step to take is to figure out who you want to attract. Who is going to be interested in what your’e selling, this would be your target market obviously. Once you know who you want to reach than you can start reaching them. Social networking sites are so big that just spamming the entire Facebook community isn’t gonna do you much good.
  2. Promote your page to some friends just to get a small fan base going, even if they aren’t going to generate any business it looks good when you have some fans. No one wants to be the first like, they may be pity “likes” but give yourself a little start
  3. So time to spread the word, when creating your page use a URL that is going to be a keyword for your company. You can’t choose a custom user-name until you have 25 “likes” or fans so force enough friends to “like” it.  For our Facebook page I simply chose the name of the company, that way if someone searches your name they can find you. This probably isn’t going to help you too much now as your page is small, but in the future with some growth, it should generate traffic.
  4. Facebook itself offers you a couple of ways to gain a following. You can promote your site through ads which appear on the side of your screen. They actually allow you to promote to specific demographics so you can actually promote to people who could be a future customer. You’ll find that many companies use this on Facebook, now looking at my homepage I see a Diet Coke ad showing which of my friends are fans and suggesting for me to follow suit by giving it a “like”.
  5. If your’e a company that is already established, has a nice presence online but just now has decided that you want to expand to a site like Facebook, than the most powerful tool may be to add a simple “like” box or links to your other sites on your homepage. It gives people who may not know that you are on Facebook and easy way to become a fan and gives some exposure to your social networking sites.
  6. Alright so you’ve done all this you got 200 fans or so, now comes a strategy that had me skeptical at first too. However the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me. You ask your fans to upload pictures of them and whatever your selling tagging your fan page in the picture. So if i’m a barbershop have people upload a picture of their new haircut and tag it with your business. Or maybe you’re a restaurant, so have people upload a picture of them and their favorite dish. This spreads your name to all their fans and generates traffic. Maybe no one clicks on your tag, but more than likely you generate some traffic and new fans.
  7. And of course remember to stay constant. Give your fans a reason to like your page, whether you give out special deals only on Facebook or have content that can only be found there, you need to be prompt and interesting. Don’t make the page and not leave an update for a week or else people aren’t going to have interest in your page.

So a couple basic things that I used to help gain a fan following on Facebook. Remember make sure your’e using Google optimization tools, google analytics, google webmaster and checking your Facebook for traffic. These will key you in on who’s visiting your page or website and where they’re coming from. Giving you an opportunity to realize new markets and see which parts of your marketing plan are most successful. Hopefully these tips help you out in your quest to garner some fans and drum up business. They sure would have helped to know before I started my project but let bygones be bygones.

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping in.